Place food and drinks on the Symbio Harmonizer Card before enjoying them. This won‘t change your food; it changes the information field around your food.

Pleasure with no regrets

Symbio-Harmonizer Card – big (A5)

The Symbio Harmonizer Card is integrated into the overall therapeutic concept. The effect is biophysical and not biochemical. Studies and reports on their mode of action are available. On the Harmonizer Card there are analogue frequency samples without any technical source. Therefore, the effects on the organism are only positive. An extract from the frequency patterns that are on the Harmonizer Card: cow’s milk, wheat, egg yolk, egg white, fructose, lactose, histamine, plastics, heavy metals, glyphosate, flavor enhancers, positive enzyme frequencies for better digestion. The Harmonizer Card does not work through aluminium. Therefore, please unpack everything that is packed in aluminum before harmonization, e.g. sweets, medicines, etc.

A healthy diet is important for everyone. It gives the body energy and contributes to an optimal metabolism.
Today, more and more people are reacting to certain foods with intolerances. Pollution and chemical substances are increasing the cause of emerging allergies.

Prosperity produces a lot of prosperity waste, which initially disappears from our field of vision. But it comes back to us via groundwater and rainwater, deposits in the soil and via plants, into the air we breathe and the food we eat.


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