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According to Quantum Physics, we must now accept that everything is ultimately made up of waves and vibrations. It is therefore logical that all atoms and molecules are arrangements of vibrations, and this is the foundation for our method. This also explains, for example, how Gem Therapy and Homeopathy work – through the right frequency patterns.Paul Schmidt, who pioneered Bioresonance, used the following suitable example to explain this: How does tanning work? Not from the heat, otherwise we would get a tan in an infra-red sauna too. It’s the ultra-violet waves that stimulate the production of melanin in the skin.

A quote from Wilhelm Busch:
“The first to have a brand new thought will live for years with mockery fraught.
When finally it is understood, it seems so obvious – anyone could.”


Behind this technology – “Made in Austria” – are medical professionals and therapists who help many people with their work to keep healthy and maintain health. We have many user reports and extensive expert reports on the function and effect of the Symbio Harmonizer. Our bio-information technology works according to the laws of the vacuum field, which is also known in quantum physics. Quantum physics assumes that the so-called “empty space” between the atoms is not empty but filled with energy. This energy is in oscillating motion and has an information and energy dimension. According to this consideration, an atom is a dual object with an interior that is filled with matter and information. Matter can thus be influenced by energy and information: Information changes the behavior of matter. Our technology, in which frequencies and information patterns are modulated on special carrier materials, uses this knowledge and provides the organism with the right information.

The ability of the organisms to regulate is promoted and the negative biological effects are counteracted. The pathogenic (disease-causing) information is completely harmonized on the subtle vibration level. If the carrier of the information, i.e. the corresponding symbio harmonizer, is attached to a power grid or a water pipe, a bioenergetic field is created. This field gives the imprinted information, the frequencies and vibrations, to the power and water pipes and changes the existing fields of activity. There are currently no scientific studies that provide information about the human energy system. But worldwide, more and more scientists and medical professionals are dealing with the above. Effects and mechanisms. It is now assumed that the human body has an energy system that responds to electromagnetic influences and different frequency patterns. This reaction enables stress to be found and faults to be corrected.

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