Communicate with the subconscious

Symbio-Harmonizer Tube

If the same thoughts repeatedly burden us, then these thoughts create our reality and become real. From childhood, often prenatally, certain behavioral patterns are programmed, which result from experiences, or stories. The resulting negative thought patterns hinder our lives and block our success.

With the Symbio-Harmonizer Tube we write permanent positive beliefs in the client’s field of consciousness.

This vibration information, the self-formulated beliefs, are entered into the morphogenetic field with symbio-specific, bipolar scalar waves. This is the most profound way to integrate new behavior programs. In the morphogenetic field, the subconscious always uses the data (information) that was mainly used. If, in addition to the negative affirmation, we write a positive affirmation 138x per application in the field, our consciousness will fall back on the positive affirmation permanently after 21 days.

We teach the procedure and the use of the Symbio-Harmonizer Tube in the free training.