Inspired by Nature.

A simple concept. Effective to use.

We began with a simple idea. Is it possible to create a product that aids every biological organism, is as far as possible free of side effects and is still affordable for everyone? When this idea was successfully realised, we developed it as a foundation for our work. This is one of the reasons why we are so successful in what we do.

We make it possible for everyone to use this modern technology that is simple, effective and inexpensive, without any worries. Because the “Mountain of Technology” in our lives goes on growing unstoppably: WLAN, cordless telephones and cell phones have become part of our lives. We do not want to do without the benefits of modern technology, nor can we. At the same time, the questions about the safety of these technologies and the risks they pose to health are also growing. How much harm do electromagnetic fields do? Is the radiation from cell phones harmful? How dangerous are fine particles?

Every electrical device, every electric cable, each socket, all those Wi-Fi devices and transmission masts create electrosmog. Of particular concern are the alternating electrical and magnetic fields and high frequency waves.

Electrosmog and human body functions.

We already know how the human body functions, so it is easy to see how these technically produced fields can affect us.

Our bodies’ cells are in constant communication with each other; over 10 000 chemical reactions per second per cell have to be co-ordinated. Information is exchanged between the two halves of the brain in four billion electrical impulses per second. Tiny measurable currents flow through our nerves. Every movement, every thought and every sensation is controlled by minute bioelectrical signals.

Electrosmog interferes with the biophysical organisation of life, interrupting its functioning at a deep level. The artificial fields are many times greater in scale than the naturally occurring fields.
Similar to the situation where there is ongoing background noise, the regulation, the exchange of information from cell to cell, from organ to organ can be affected and disturbed in its intensity, modulation and frequency. The delicately adjusted mechanisms for regulation use the body’s natural self-healing powers to help the organism compensate for this disturbance. In cases of ongoing problems and the long-term stress that causes, chronic damage may result, leading to serious illnesses. There is now a wealth of documented evidence about stress responses caused by the electromagnetic fields produced by technology.

Our philosophy. Help people.

It’s always the whole person who must be treated! (Hippocrates)

Our vocation is Medicine. Our goal is to use our minds and our work to benefit the sick and to help the healthy to stay that way. For many years now that has been our life’s work and our goal. We dedicate our energy and our strength to making the world a better place and its people healthier and fitter.

SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer – a name that stands for high product quality and outstanding effectiveness. Visionary thinking combined with responsible collaboration with others drives us on to achieve even greater heights and guarantees the sustainable development of our technology and our products.