Symbioceuticals Biofield Method

According to Quantum Physics, we must now accept that everything is ultimately made up of waves and vibrations. It is therefore logical that all atoms and molecules are arrangements of vibrations, and this is the foundation for our method. This also explains, for example, how Gem Therapy and Homeopathy work – through the right frequency patterns.

Paul Schmidt, who pioneered Bioresonance, used the following suitable example to explain this: How does tanning work? Not from the heat, otherwise we would get a tan in an infra-red sauna too. It’s the ultra-violet waves that stimulate the production of melanin in the skin.

A quote from Wilhelm Busch:
“The first to have a brand new thought will live for years with mockery fraught.
When finally it is understood, it seems so obvious – anyone could.”

Erklärungsmodell nach Jürgen Lueger

Naturally occurring background radiation is made up of electromagnetic radiation from the entire frequency band. These come from the Sun, Moon, the planets, stars and galaxies and are filtered by the atmosphere. Two sectors of this frequency band are however able to pass through:

1st atmospheric window: visible and infrared light
2nd atmospheric window: radio- and microwaves

The atmosphere is also a source of natural background radiation. It is known as atmospherics or sferics.

Both of these atmospheric windows are very im-portant for us. The majority of us use the 2nd atmospheric window solely for therapeutic purposes, because it consists of single frequencies.

If one couples the frequencies of the 2nd atmospheric window with the Schumann resonances, then the rhythm of the Earth is also present and it thus becomes an important natural source of background radiation.
It is also above all important to observe the oscillation patterns of the 64 trace elements in the Earth’s crust as well. These appear in our natural environment and are in their composition very similar to our erythrocytes (red blood cells). These frequency patterns have nothing to do with vitamins and minerals as therapy, but rather as natural background radiation as it should occur.

These frequency patterns are bundled up in a special SYMBIOCEUTICALS prisma and strengthened above the SYMBIOCEUTICALS resonance chamber. In addition, SYMBIOCEUTICALS productspecific frequency sequences become effective. The entire symphony of natural oscillation frequencies is then spun in the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Plus and Minus Polarizer.

Why do we do this?

Because it has been known for a long time that our cells are made up of dielectric material (electrically weak or non-conducting, non-metallic). This is why it is natural and necessary.

Nikola Tesla

The day science begins to study non-physical phenomena, it will make more progress in one decade than in all the previous centuries of its existence.

What is JL Bio-information Technology?

This technology is based on harmonisation technology, where frequencies and information patterns are modulated to special carrier materials. This completely harmonises pathogenic information at the subtle level of vibrations.
All the frequencies we use are bipolar.

That means that all frequencies and information fields have + / – polarity structures because both polarities are anchored in every organism.

All stored information patterns expand as required; adverse effects weakening us biologically are completely eliminated. No information is deleted, it is resonated.

JL Bio-information Technology is unparalleled in harmonisation technology; everyone should try it.

Explanatory model SBM