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This statement has become one of our basic principles, and it applies not only to the blood values for vitamins and minerals but also to the effectiveness of our products for the home and under way.
The studies and expert reports furnish the proof of the efficacy of our products. This sector is continually being expanded, so please refer to this page again in future.

400 studies of this database show effects from electromagnetic fields:

Video stimulation of wound healing


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Symbio-Harmonizer M.E.D.*

The properties of SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Comfort have been confirmed by experimental investigations using current and recognised scientific and vivisection-free methods..

Symbio-Harmonizer Card

A few words in advance: The Symbioceuticals-Harmonizer Card was not primarily developed for the improvement of water quality, but for the optimization of food and drinks. The optimum product for water is the SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Water.

Symbio-Harmonizer Car