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Symbio-Harmonizer M.E.D.

The idea is based on a current and battery-free, bioenergetic resonance system. In addition to the vibrations, we carry out a subtle polarization, which is elementary for the sick organism. With this system, the balance is restored and part of it is contributed, according to the motto “With nature in symbiosis”. The goal with the Symbio-Harmonizer M.E.D. * is to remind the body of its undisturbed vibration origin. The success of the harmonization can be seen directly with the patient.

At the same time, we train doctors and therapists to become “Symbio-Harmonizer bioenergeticians”. In addition to medical basics, working with the Symbio-Harmonizer M.E.D. * is also taught intensively. This new job profile should be fun and enjoyable.

The effects of the Symbio Harmonizer M.E.D. have been confirmed in experimental studies using recognized scientific and non-animal methods.

The process of harmonization

1) Prepare the application

Before you start using it, you should drink a glass of water that has been harmonized with the Symbio-Harmonizer Card for 90 seconds (or which has already come out of the tap harmonized by the Symbio-Harmonizer Water).

Then you should lie down comfortably – ideally with relaxing music in the background.

2) Testing allergens and modules

For testing, we recommend the kinesiological arm length test according to Raphael van Assche. Now the therapist tests the 7 main allergens as well as other allergens and medications that you brought with you. The next step is to test all Harmonizer modules. Anything that has been poorly tested is placed in the designated honeycomb (allergens) or ceramic devices (modules).

3) Use with the Symbio-Harmonizer M.E.D.

Now a cycle is created with you and the weakly tested substances. In women, the positive pole is on the left half of the body, i.e. the red foot clamp is to be attached to the left foot (ideally above the ankle) and the red hand electrode is to be placed in the left hand. The black wired electrodes are then to be attached analogously to the right half of the body. In men, this is exactly the opposite: red electrodes on the right and black electrodes on the left. Is everything connected correctly, all modules and allergens in the device?

The application takes between 30 and 60 minutes, depending on how long you can still feel something in the body or as long as the organism resonates with the offered frequencies.

Overview of cabling


  • left hand – red hand electrode
  • left foot – red foot clamp
  • right hand – black hand electrode
  • right foot – black foot clamp


  • left hand – black hand electrode
  • left foot – black foot clamp
  • right hand – red hand electrode
  • right foot – red foot clamp

In resonance with frequencies

4) During use

– The hand electrodes must be held so that the cable is facing up!

– do not cross your legs and arms during use!

5) After application

After use, all modules and allergens should be re-tested. If something weak tests, then this module or allergen has to be rewound for about 15 minutes.

As a client, you should definitely not leave the practice until you have been thoroughly tested on all substances. Then drink a glass of harmonized water.

6) Final interview

In the following final discussion, the following points should be discussed:

a) Spine regulation

If a spine regulation has been carried out, then a Symbio-Harmonizer Mobile is mandatory for your mobile phone

b) Allergies or food intolerances

If you have an allergy or food intolerance, you need the Symbio-Harmonizer Card to support the application.

Then put everything you eat or drink on the Symbio-Harmonizer Card for 90 seconds before eating. This should be done consistently for at least 90 days. Please note: The Symbio Harmonizer Card does not work through aluminum. Everything was packed in aluminum, must be unpacked beforehand!

c) Change the milieu

An important part of all applications is the interference suppression of the living room with the Symbio-Harmonizer Comfort. If a person has become ill in their environment, they can only fully recover if the environment is changed. The Symbio-Harmonizer Comfort creates the ideal conditions for this.

d) Gut build-up in allergy sufferers

Many diseases have their origin in a weakened immune system. About 70% of all immune cells are located in the intestine. It is advisable to build up the intestinal flora with Symbio-Colon and Symbio-Clean.

Depending on the individual condition, an application interval of 1 to 4 weeks is useful.