It’s about
your health


We cannot see, smell or feel many of the stresses we are exposed to. We can effectively counteract these effects on the organism with our Symbio-Harmonizer products. ⠀


  • Less stressful customers
  • More efficient employees
  • Fine dust reduced air
  • Relaxed business trips
  • Pure drinking water


  • Relaxed, stress free & satisfied guests
  • More efficient employees
  • Relaxed sleep
  • Fine dust reduced air
  • Pure drinking water
  • Soft, skin-friendly pool water

What our customers say about us.

“Fahnen-Gärtner is committed to sustainability and humanity in its company vision. Therefore, we have decided to optimize the working environment for our employees in many respects energetically.

This also includes the reduction of exposure to electrosmog and other “interference fields” (cell phone radiation, water veins, etc.). After having taken various measures over the last few years, we came across SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer GmbH through the advice of a holistic medical practitioner. After intensive consultation and examination of different offerers, we decided to install these products surface covering at Fahnen-Gärtner. Both electricity and water are “harmonized”. Furthermore, each employee receives a Harmonizer mobile for his private cell phone in order to reduce the interference fields caused by cell phones. This should also make a significant contribution to the health of employees, even when using cell phones outside the company. In addition, all transmitters of the internal telephone system, WLAN routers and all mobile and transmitting/receiving devices such as laptops weather station etc. are harmonized by the Harmonizer mobile. Furthermore, the company cars, which are used the most, are equipped with the Harmonizer Car in order to minimize the large electromagnetic fields in the car for the employees working in the field. This results in a higher level of concentration and performance, especially during long journeys in road traffic.