Simply place it in your trouser pocket, breast pocket or handbag in order to wear it on your body. It functions on a permanent basis within a radius of two metres.

A biophysical protective shield

Symbio-Harmonizer To Go – with Clip

Is the supplementary and indispensable tool next to the Symbio Harmonizer Pend.

While the Symbio Harmonizer Pend noticeably strengthens the adrenal hormones, the Harmonizer To Go is the product that represents the optimal biophysical protective shield for today’s stresses.

The SYMBIO-HARMONIZER TO GO is the optimum biophysical protection shield resisting the burdens of life in today‘s world, such as for instance nanoparticles, squalene, chemtrails, nagalase in vaccination serums, glyphosate and other chemical agents and frequencies with which we are confronted. In addition, it biophysically protects us from HAARP (High Frequency Active Auroral Research Program), extinguishes foreign digital noise signals and acts against tiredness.

Also suitable for all doctors and therapists who tire quickly when testing and want clearer test results.


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