Simply mount on the main water inlet pipe. If this is not possible, then position it behind the water meter inside your property or directly under the wash basin on the hot and cold water inlet.

Fresh and easy

Symbio-Harmonizer Water

You can look forward to living, harmonised water. It stimulates your organism and gently detoxifies.

The standard size is up to 500 square meters (larger objects and special solutions on request).

The effect of the Symbio Harmonizer Water has been proven by crystal analyzes with distilled water (i.e. dead water) and the Symbio Harmonizer Water. The water maturity method according to the well-known water researcher Bernd Bruns also shows excellent results. What is definitely special about the harmonization with the Symbio Harmonizer Water are the organ frequencies of the lungs (excretion of weak acids) and kidneys (excretion of strong acids). In the opinion of the developer, there are no bad water harmonizations today, but there are still serious differences. It is important that the fine water molecules get into the cells through the so-called aquaporins and can flush out toxins. In order to move the toxins out of the body, you need good water and well-functioning drainage organs. This is achieved with the Symbio Harmonizer Water. There are also vibration frequencies from many healing springs on the Symbio Harmonizer Water.


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