Choose a wall socket you normally don ́t use , no multi-point ex-tension or adaptors.

At home in many houses

Symbio-Harmonizer Comfort

The standard device for rooms, homes and businesses. Larger units and special requirements on request. Standard unit up to 500 sq. m.

The Symbio Harmonizer Comfort harmonises the debilitating effects of low and high- frequency fields. External interference from WLAN, areas of geopathic stress, stress from plastics and distortions of the earth‘s magnetic field caused by steel-reinforced concrete can also all be harmonised.

The air indoors is noticeably improved and you will feel fresher and better.
There is no change in the strength of the field, only to the negative information contained.

The Symbio Harmonizer Comfort transports its frequency pattern to every hidden corner of a house or apartment via the flow and leakage current.It protects against all currently known biophysical negative influences caused by electrosmog and radiation such as water veins, Hartmann grids, Benker net, radionuclides, low and high frequency radiation, chemtrails, WLAN, Bluetooth, fine dust, digital trunked radio (Tetra) etc.

The properties of the Symbio Harmonizer Comfort have been confirmed in experimental studies using current and recognized scientific methods that are not tested on animals.