Symbio-Harmonizer Comfort

The standard device for rooms, homes and businesses. As an option or on request, there is a version for sockets or fuse boxes.
The standard unit covers up to 500 sqm. (larger areas and special requirements by request).

Improves the air indoors, reducing the amount of fine dust.

The SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Comfort harmonises the debilitating effects of low and high-frequency fields. External interference from WLAN, areas of geopathic stress, stress from plastics and distortions of the earth’s magnetic field caused by steel-reinforced concrete can also all be harmonised.

The air indoors is noticeably improved and you will feel fresher and better.

There is no change to the strength of the damaging field only to the negative information contained.

Electric socket
Choose a wall socket that you do not often use with no multi-point extension or adaptors. Your SYMBIOCEUTICALS Harmonizer Comfort should not be removed again unless you are moving home.

Fuse boxes
Simply attach after the input fuse. Do not remove – except when moving house