Organic regeneration cosmetics with repair effect

Our products are developed on a food basis and adapt themselves to the needs of the skin. Due to the unique active ingredient formula and the special composition of the products, a natural emulsion is achieved when used. As a result, the skin only absorbs as much product as it needs at that moment. Not too much and not too little. The skin is relieved and the valuable ingredients can be stored sustainably

Many creams or gels contain substances that cannot be processed by the body and are therefore deposited. We only use concentrates enriched with zeolite to help detoxify. So the skin is not stressed.

and the substances are not only worked into the skin but also get into the blood system. The active ingredient matrix states that all ingredients are activated and are highly bioavailable. They care for the skin and support the body.

Important: Please only use on damp skin!

The guidelines for cosmetics have been met and only ingredients that are approved for natural cosmetics have been used. In addition to all the guidelines, ingredients were used that are also used as food.

Symbio Cosmetic

Overview of our products

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