Stimulate self-healing powers. Generate biophotons.

Symbio-Harmonizer Pen

The Symbio-Harmonizer Pen was developed so that the body’s self-healing powers are stimulated and the body itself can generate biophotons.

In addition, this biophoton energy can also be conducted into the respective organs. For those who work with Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM), it is possible to stimulate the acupuncture points and now with much faster success.

Another advantage is the quick cleaning of electro smog. The Symbio-Harmonizer Pen is simply held on the 3rd eye for two minutes. It is recommended to treat children like this once a day before going to bed.

A leg length difference can also be quickly compensated. Nevertheless, we recommend that the cause is corrected by the physiotherapist.

The most important effect of the Symbio-Harmonizer Pen is the structuring of cell water, i.e. EZ water.

Everyone knows about the three states that water can take: liquid, gaseous due to water vapor and solid as ice. But there is still another water condition: EZ, abbreviated from “Exclusion Zone”.

The water researcher Dr. Gerald H. Pollack from the University of Washington discovered this fourth, gel-like aggregate state and describes it between liquid and frozen. Similar to ice, this water state has a hexagonal, hexagonal structure. The researchers conclude that the liquid water (H2O) turns into EZ water when it cools down before it solidifies into ice.

It works the same way in reverse: if ice is thawed, then EZ water is created first, before it becomes liquid water again. Snowflakes have the same structure and are also an intermediate step between EZ water and ice.

This exclusion zone is just a thin layer in which the water starts to organize itself in the vicinity of hydrophilic surfaces. In addition, it cleans itself and pushes all dissolved substances into the layer of normal water. Hence the name Exclusion Zone, because all substances and protons are displaced from this layer.

Studies show that drinking water has a completely different structure than the water that is found in the cells. Because water-attracting surfaces are everywhere in the organism, namely in every cell. That means, from the water we drink, this EZ water forms inside the body. Due to the gel-like state, cell membranes and macromolecules can only function. If the water were liquid, as previously assumed, everything would flow out of the body.

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